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My name is Will Leverson, born and raised in LA. I'm 25 years old, and am a Psychology teacher at Waxler High School. I'm an optimist, helper, duck-lover, coffee addict who's happily taken by my highschool sweetheart..


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1+1 || Will & Sean


Sean knit his brow, he was confused, to say the least, by Mr. Leverson’s way of acting and suddenly realized perhaps the older man needed a distraction from something. He frowned and then offered the man a smile as he scrolled through the set up and set the game to two player. “Do you want to be Mario or Luigi?” He asked, he couldn’t care less who Will picked, he just wanted to be able to help. The teacher clearly had something on his mind and it was eating away at him. Sean didn’t like to see others in distress, especially not people as seemingly nice as Mr. Leverson. He was determined to help in anyway he could.

Sean laughed extremely loudly at the statement. He shook his head, “Don’t worry about it… I’ll forgive you. It’s just Super Mario Brothers.” He said with a shrug. Some people took things too seriously. “So, Mr. Leverson… what’s on your mind?” He asked, attempting to break the ice.

"Luigi. I always thought that he was the brother nobody cared about." It was true, and Will sympathized with the guy. It wasn’t fair that Mario got all the attention when both of them were equally capable in saving Princess Peach, beating Bowser, and all that sort. Sadly the princess always picked Luigi. Somehow, he felt like the guy’s life sounded rather similar to his. Except Will wasn’t Luigi. If anyone, Will was probably Princess Peach. He frowned. Distract yourself Will. 

He followed the instructions, and his ears perked at Sean’s question. Tell the truth? Maybe not. Maybe yes. Will liked the idea of having a new friend to discuss his problems with, but the information he had was much too dangerous to release to the public. It wasn’t just his problem, it was him and two others. “Relationship things. That’s all,” he admitted with a hopefully nonchalant shrug.

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