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My name is Will Leverson, born and raised in LA. I'm 25 years old, and am a Psychology teacher at Waxler High School. I'm an optimist, helper, duck-lover, coffee addict who's happily taken by my highschool sweetheart..


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Imperfection & Mistakes || Will & Parker


It seemed like the more Will spoke, the more he hurt Parker and Parker was almost at his limit. The mention of Parker perhaps not really knowing Will after all made him want to scream. Of course he knew Will, they’d been in a relationship, hadn’t they? Then again, Will had only just been a teenager then, and he was Parker’s student as well. Perhaps he had changed and Parker didn’t know this new Will. And maybe he didn’t want to know the new Will, if he was in fact someone else now. He frowned and shook his head, frustrated and tired of fighting.

“Will…” His voice cracked. “I love you… okay. I don’t think you know what is best for me, I don’t think you’re god damn aware of what’s best for you and… I need a drink.” Parker huffed and walked into the kitchen where he poured himself a generous amount of Cognac and swallowed it in one go. He wiped his mouth on the back of his arm and stared at Will from inside the kitchen. He wanted to pull the other man to him, hold him and kiss him. He wanted to do so many things but figured none of them were possible. Will would just push him away.

“But what?” He asked finally as he walked back out of the kitchen. “What? Just… just say whatever is on your mind. Please.”

"But-" I can’t just leave Vitto. "I don’t know." Will was at a loss, his head was banging and his chest ached. Not his heart exactly, his chest. Like the organ underneath was pumping too fast, and in a rash rhythm. Like it was going to burst. Was it possible to make both of them happy? Maybe in the movies yeah, but this wasn’t a film. He wanted to be dedicated to one person anyways, but Will didn’t know who. "I don’t know what to do." His voice was quiet, not rushed, not slow, not angry- it was monotonous. The younger man felt pretty hollow at that moment. 

He wanted to drink his sorrows away too, wanted to take the glass- hell, the bottle, and just chug it down. Cry. Drink. That’s all. But he tried to think responsibly. Tried. Will knew that he was a terrible drunk, and not only would Parker get disgusted by the younger man’s gropey and sloppy attitude when dazed, but Will himself would be too. It was tempting however. He scratched the bottom of his neck, and turned his gaze away again. 

Will wondered what Vitto was doing right now. “I can leave. Right now. If you don’t want to see me at the moment.” He wasn’t stumbling his words.

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