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My name is Will Leverson, born and raised in LA. I'm 25 years old, and am a Psychology teacher at Waxler High School. I'm an optimist, helper, duck-lover, coffee addict who's happily taken by my highschool sweetheart..


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This Is Me Starring || Will & Isaiah


Isaiah smiled as he looked around the apartment. It was nice, quaint, very tidy and very Will. Isaiah liked it. “I shall not thwart your ‘evil’ plan…” He said with a grin as he too took off his jacket and draped it over the arm of the sofa before seating himself and slipping out of his shoes. He leaned back on the couch and looked around, making himself ‘at home’ was hard given that he was an awkward person. However, with Will, he felt more at ease. Plus, the place smelled great and was very comfortable. He just hoped Will would join him soon… he liked being close to the shorter man.

“It’s nice in here…” He said softly as Will rejoined him with wine and beer. It looked to Isaiah that they were probably going to get at least a little buzzed and, if that’s what it took for the two of them to let their guard down, so be it. He leaned forward and poured a glass of wine then smelled it before sipping it. “Hm… do you? That poses a problem.” He grinned, swirled his glass and sipped again, all the while his face screwed up in thought. “How about… Romance? Nothing too cheesy, just something nice…” His cheeks flushed a little, hoping he wouldn’t get laughed at for his decision.

"Wow. I mean- yeah. I mean, I’d like that." Turns out Isaiah wasn’t simply Prince Charming. He was Professor Prince Charming X. It was hard not to feel weak in the knees knowing that the taller man enjoyed the same ridiculously sappy type of movie as him. He was literally perfect. Maybe Will was rushing to conclusions but it was rare nowadays. Finding someone who was homosexual, ridiculously attractive, smooth yet genuine, and adored love stories. The whole moment was rather surreal for the smaller man. 

Will took a sip of the wine as well, and set it down onto the table before crawling to the DVDs. He sat down cross-legged with a serious expression on his face. “Not too cheesy, not too cheesy…” He wasn’t exactly sure why he had so many Disney movies. It wasn’t like they were old copies either. “Okay, so I’m kind of stuck. There’s Shelter, Atonement, Brokeback Mountain- fuck, they’re all tragedies.” He clasped a hand over his mouth. “Sorry- language.” Will didn’t know why he even bothered. “Aaaand, Easy A, I’m Here, It’s Kind Of A Funny Story, Penelope„ Just Friends, She’s Out Of My League. There’s quite a bit.” He didn’t want to go through his Disney movies exactly.

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    The movie was hard to pay attention to with Isaiah’s arm draped over him, his chest so close to his cheek, and the man’s...
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    Isaiah smiled at Will’s movement toward his body. It seemed things were going nicely. He was trying not to put too much...

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