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My name is Will Leverson, born and raised in LA. I'm 25 years old, and am a Psychology teacher at Waxler High School. I'm an optimist, helper, duck-lover, coffee addict who's happily taken by my highschool sweetheart..


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Flattery and Good Company || Will & Leon

He didn’t understand how this was possible. Will had been pretty uncool for his whole high school year (the only thing that made him untouchable was because of Parker, and his bitchy attitude) and pretty much invisible to every single attractive male. It was beyond weird how he’d gained the attention of so many wonderfully charming (and admittedly cute) students. (And Isaiah.) Still, his feelings towards Parker were strong- and today just wasn’t going right. Not only were they separated, the older man probably despised Will. Understandably so.

The blue-eyed teacher purposefully dressed more casually, and less suit-like, in the hopes that he wouldn’t embarrass Leon any more than he may already have. Even though the boy had claimed that he didn’t care, Will didn’t want to be the cause of any form of sadness. Also, the boy was sweet, and the epitome of charming. (Like a younger Isaiah, except less awkward.) 

Will hailed down a cab, since the bus lines were going to take awhile by now- and explained the address to the driver. He was dropped off at a rather clean and simple apartment. There wasn’t many cars around, so it was quite quiet- a little bit eerie, but he entered the lobby regardless.

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Tuesday Mar 3 @ 11:46pm
tagged as: para with leon. ooc: Can they meet in the lobby and then walk up? Haha. I don't know what floor so..

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